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Sophie Cullinan was featured in August’s a-n!

28 Aug

This blog is about my work, but I was so chuffed to see my friend Sophie’s blog featured in the a-n August Monthly Digest and quite rightly too!

Visit Sophie’s blog at:


Sophie CullinanElena Thomas spotlights Sophie Cullinan in Choice blog for it’s ‘…humour and a sense of the ridiculous, colour, fun, honesty, wrangling with the everyday whilst trying to be an artist…’



The Unfinishable Blog….

28 Aug
Last year I gave a couple of my ‘unresolved’ stitch pics to The Unfinishable Project set up by Hazel and Felicity.
The Unfinishable project started as Hazel and Felicity questioned the motives behind creative work that had been started but never finished, kept, maybe hidden in cupboards, but never thrown away or made into anything else.  Across the world ideas are often started but never completed- poems, paintings, songs, sentences…
As textile artists they realised they had several such pieces of work tucked away, unseen but carefully kept.  So, focussing on their own area of textiles, they decided to ask  fellow makers to share with them their Unfinishables and the stories behind them. Hazel and Felicity were overwhelmed by the response and, one year on, have been given well over 200 examples of Unfinishables and their stories, some funny, some sad.  This is all the more amazing they understand that it’s often hard to let go, to admit that what has been started will never be completed and for makers to consider the emotional and personal value of a piece. They look forward to sharing with you the next stages of the project, as they bring the Unfinishables out of the cupboards and into the light!

Hazel and Felicity have created a blog to give contributors and anyone interested an insight into the work going on behind the scenes of The Unfinishable project. They will be updating every couple of weeks with pictures and news of the project’s progress as they head towards the big unveiling of the ‘Extravaganza’ at the Knitting and Stitching Show in October, the first venue of the Tales of the Unfinishable exhibition tour. They will also be keeping you up to date with developments for the tour, the book, as well as any media coverage.

So to find out more about The Unfinishable Project
Simply click on the link below