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Gingham is gorgeous!

16 Oct

It’s been a wee while since I indulged my retro enthusiasm for all things gingham, but I was given an opportunity to sew some sweet sports bag for Claire Law’s kids and niece. Here they are;

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I think they would look even cuter if modelled by the kids!


My sock it on ‘an’ front page!

9 Oct

‘My sock’ was featured on the an (artists’ newletter that was!) website front page! My friend Sophie C, as part of her new project asked me to add to a sock!

For details of the project visit their blog;

The project is; MULTICOLOURED SOCK SWAP (Reciprocal Reactions)

By: the sockateers

Wholly holey sock continuum consortia.

Posting postal parlance.

Sock protocol and manifesto created by Elena Thomas and Sophie Cullinan.

Mathematical Advice from Dan Thomas MSci MA (Cantab)


This is Sophie’s resonse to ‘my sock!’

# 13 [8 October 2012]

Our inaugaural sockateer for sock B!

:work hereafter officially referred to as: B(2)

Dear Sockateer L

Thank you for your wonderful addition to sock B and for being our first artist to alter B.  I have photographed your addition here and reference the very appropriate source of inspiration on which you based your alterations (being ‘National Poetry Day’ when you received it). Link to poem by Toni Thompsom entitled ‘Socks’:

delighted to see some creative writing in here to go with the maths!

I’m not quite sure how to measure B(2) – the addition is not adding to actual overall length so not sure if this is an extra or not – will have to ponder this matter at length.

I send B onward to Elena with alterations of my own.

Thank you


# 13 [8 October 2012]

Our inaugaural sockateer for sock B!

Sock B(2)   Sock B(2)   sock B(2)


I’m looking forward to how the project/socks progress!

Stockport Tadpoles banner mended!

5 Oct

Just reapplied some sequins and googly eyes to the Stockport Tadpoles banner I made earlier in the summer to use at several summer fairs and carnivals. Joe, my eldest has Type 1 diabetes and since January we have been going to a monthly getogether of Stockport Tadpoles, part of Diabetes UK network, which supports Type 1 kids and their families. So it’s not a swimming group then! Actually Stockport Tadpoles is a welcoming and friendly environment that kids with diabetes and their parents can relax and chat-and not always about Type 1 either!

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The rate of people affected by type 1 diabetes is increasing by four per cent annually, particularly in children under five.

Type 1 diabetes is caused by a problem with the immune system. You cannot prevent it by adopting a healthy diet, exercising regularly, or living a healthy lifestyle. There is currently no known cure.

Type 1 diabetes develops when the insulin-producing cells in the body have been destroyed and the body is unable to produce any insulin.

Insulin is the key that unlocks the door to the body’s cells. Once the door is unlocked glucose can enter the cells where it is used as fuel. In Type 1 diabetes the body is unable to produce any insulin so there is no key to unlock the door and the glucose builds up in the blood.

Nobody knows for sure why these insulin-producing cells have been destroyed but the most likely cause is the body having an abnormal reaction to the cells. This may be triggered by a virus or other infection. Type 1 diabetes can develop at any age but usually appears before the age of 40, and especially in childhood.

Type 1 diabetes accounts for between 5 and 15 per cent of all people with diabetes and is treated by daily insulin injections, a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

For more info on Type 1 Diabetes go to; or;

Iona gets her quilt!

3 Oct

Iona turns 9 years old at the end of this month and I have finally made her a quilt that I intended to make for her when she was born! Something about 2nd babies there? Such is life! Actually, I think Iona lucked out with this quilt as it has all the gorgeous 50s fabrics in it passed on by her lovely Great Great Auntie Bronte, as well as some fab Grayson Perry fabric that always needs a double take! Truth be told it is a wee while since I stitched myself a quilt, so rather enjoyed the process, paticularly as I machine stitched most of it which proved so much quicker than hand stitching -obvs! It turns out I had enough stitched panels to make two quilts, so the second quilt which is backed by lovely green velvet, courtesy again of Auntie Bronte, I will sell in a raffle; £1 for 5 tixs, when we are back at the Chorlton preccint pop up shop next month! Let me know if you wish a strip of tickets? If you win,you or your best friend gets a fabulous early Christmas present!

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