Iona gets her quilt!

3 Oct

Iona turns 9 years old at the end of this month and I have finally made her a quilt that I intended to make for her when she was born! Something about 2nd babies there? Such is life! Actually, I think Iona lucked out with this quilt as it has all the gorgeous 50s fabrics in it passed on by her lovely Great Great Auntie Bronte, as well as some fab Grayson Perry fabric that always needs a double take! Truth be told it is a wee while since I stitched myself a quilt, so rather enjoyed the process, paticularly as I machine stitched most of it which proved so much quicker than hand stitching -obvs! It turns out I had enough stitched panels to make two quilts, so the second quilt which is backed by lovely green velvet, courtesy again of Auntie Bronte, I will sell in a raffle; £1 for 5 tixs, when we are back at the Chorlton preccint pop up shop next month! Let me know if you wish a strip of tickets? If you win,you or your best friend gets a fabulous early Christmas present!

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