My sock it on ‘an’ front page!

9 Oct

‘My sock’ was featured on the an (artists’ newletter that was!) website front page! My friend Sophie C, as part of her new project asked me to add to a sock!

For details of the project visit their blog;

The project is; MULTICOLOURED SOCK SWAP (Reciprocal Reactions)

By: the sockateers

Wholly holey sock continuum consortia.

Posting postal parlance.

Sock protocol and manifesto created by Elena Thomas and Sophie Cullinan.

Mathematical Advice from Dan Thomas MSci MA (Cantab)


This is Sophie’s resonse to ‘my sock!’

# 13 [8 October 2012]

Our inaugaural sockateer for sock B!

:work hereafter officially referred to as: B(2)

Dear Sockateer L

Thank you for your wonderful addition to sock B and for being our first artist to alter B.  I have photographed your addition here and reference the very appropriate source of inspiration on which you based your alterations (being ‘National Poetry Day’ when you received it). Link to poem by Toni Thompsom entitled ‘Socks’:

delighted to see some creative writing in here to go with the maths!

I’m not quite sure how to measure B(2) – the addition is not adding to actual overall length so not sure if this is an extra or not – will have to ponder this matter at length.

I send B onward to Elena with alterations of my own.

Thank you


# 13 [8 October 2012]

Our inaugaural sockateer for sock B!

Sock B(2)   Sock B(2)   sock B(2)


I’m looking forward to how the project/socks progress!

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