Sneak Preview of; All Hands Together To;

5 Nov

Huzzah,  The All Hands Together To; banner is finished! Prior to the unveiling on Friday 23rd November here is a sneak preview;

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 All Hands Together To; celebrates 500 years of faith in Chorlton, by using 500+ textile handprints from the Chorlton community in the banner. For the record we have run hand collecting workshops at; 6 local primary schools; 2 toddler and parent groups; 2 OAP events and 4 local festivals!
Laying out and designing the banner was a joy, as Isabel and I could revisit lots of the ‘hands’ and the people who made them. Gluing the ‘hands‘ onto the banner was rather a chore,  with progressively sore knees and a sore back for me. On the plus side I got to listen to some great music to dull the pain and boredom. I just had to keep reminding myself of the reasons behind the banner and how glorious it would look! I am chuffed with how the banner looks now and cannot wait to see it in situ on display in St Clement’s church hall, which as a vibrant community hub will mean that it should be seen by lots of the local community. The banner aims to celebrate all the people of Chorlton and what a great community it is.


A big thank you to everyone who contributed to All Hands Together To; espescially  Mandy Tolley (see who gave us bagfulls of textile scraps and Isabel Wright for all her practical advice and help in making the banner.


One Response to “Sneak Preview of; All Hands Together To;”

  1. Sophie Cullinan November 5, 2012 at 1:36 pm #

    I looks fabulous!

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