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Ugandan Quilt

8 Jan

In between all the festivities, I stitched a quilt;

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My friend Rachel supports the work of Pastor Alfred Adundo and the NGO he runs; Macedonian Vision Africa (MVA) in Jinga, Uganda. MVA works with the people in Masese, a slum on the edge of Jinga. Part of the project involves running a vocational tailoring course for young women in Masese. The idea is that we set up a community co-operative linked to the tailoring course, employing the young women to make Ugandan quilts which will be then sold via my quilt business. This lost wax fabric sample quilt, made from fabric produced at a local factory, is the first step of that process. I’m hoping 2014 will not only be exciting time for my own British Made quilts, but also the start of a Jinga community quilt making co-operative.

I’ll let you know how we get on…..






Busy Bee Toyshop Makeover!

14 May

It might have been raining in Manchester on Sunday (plus ca change), but Claire, Lynne and I created a little ray of sunshine in Chorlton by makeovering Busy Bee’s window and titivating the interior!







Busy Bee is Britain’s first toyshop co-operative and well worth a visit;

on foot at; 517 Wilbraham Rd  Manchester,  M21 0UF (T):0161 881 5838

on line at; www.busybeetoyshop.co.uk

or via tweets at; https://twitter.com/BusyBeeToyshop

See you soon x